Most pet foods and pet nutritional supplements on today’s market provide sub-standard nutrition, which means many pets are not getting the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients they need to thrive.

Three veterinarians, a nutritional scientist, a pharmacist and a physician were frustrated with the sub-standard nutrition provided in the pet industry, so they spent eight years developing a holistic, natural supplement for pets.

The end result was a line of NuVet® products that use natural, human-grade ingredients and cold processing to ensure the most nutritious supplements available. Many pet products use inferior pet-grade ingredients and are manufactured through heat processing, which destroys the nutrients in the food. The cold processing used by NuVet Labs® allows the ingredients to retain their rich nutrients and be absorbed easily into the digestive tract, which means NuVet® products provide more nutritional value.

Why NuVet Plus?

*  Strengthens the immune system
*  Optimizes cell, gland & organ function
*  Promotes healthy skin & coat
*  Supports healthy eyes & ears
*  Relieves itching & scratching
*  Contains no artificial fillers or flavors
​*  Improves quality of life
NOTICE ... NuVet products are vitamins/supplements to enhance and support the health and well being of your Pet.   They are NOT intended to replace Vaccines.   

Make sure your Pet gets their proper Rabies Shots and Vaccines as recommended by a Licensed Veterinarian. 
NuVet products have many benefits for all stages of their lives.  Be Pro-active and help protect your furry friends as they face a lifetime of exposure to free radicals and threats to their immune systems.
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